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In attempting to understand the past, a variety of documents can give us statistics, names and numbers; but if we are lucky enough to have a photos of a person, event or place we are reading about, we can often understand on another level.

This section documents the available general photos sorted by source and/or theme.

1.  "The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway"

5 unique collections of photos of the contruction of the Grand Trunk Pacific on the Prairies and the Grand Trunk Pacific in Rivers.
2. The Taylor Collection
F. G. Taylor was the Mayor of Rivers. The Taylor Family Collection has photos of visiting Ddgnitaries from the 1940's to the 1960's
3. The Town of Rivers

4. Historic Scenes

A sample of sites from the Rivers / Daly Special Places Project

5. People

People - from Pioneer times on through the years...

6. The Chapman Museum

An introduction
to their collection of Historic Buildings and more...

7. Historic Walking Tour 2013

8. The Rivers Air Base

Send us photos...

The Rivers Train Station Restoration Committee would like to see your historical photos. We'll scan and return them promptly, or if you prefer, keep them in our archive.

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